Privacy Policy

PHOTOBALLOONSTORE.COM respects User's privacy. When placing an order, User provides information including User's name, telephone number, email address, mailing address, as well as order recipient name, telephone number, email address and mailing address (Private Information).

PHOTOBALLOONSTORE.COM will not sell, barter, lease, rent, donate or share User's Private Information.

PHOTOBALLOONSTORE.COM will provide user's Private Information solely to enable the fulfillment of User's Order.

Email Subscription:

When you create your account with us, you decide whether to receive email newsletters from us in the Newsletter and Email Details section.

By accepting to Subscribe to Our Newsletter, you agree that we may send you our Newsletter and Special Offers to your current email address on file with us.

You are responsible for your subscription status and may change it at any time by logging in to your account and updating your subscription status.

Email subscription status does not affect shopping cart, order processing or policy update emails that are necessary or used for you place and receive orders from us.