Special Days Calendar

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Month Long Observances
Eye Care Month
National Hobby Month
National Soup Month
National Staying Healthy Month
National Thank You Month
Oatmeal Month
Build a Scarecrow Day
Non-Specific Days
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Honoring his birthday born in 1929 - Third Monday in January
Hat Day - Third Friday in January
National School Nurse Day - Fourth Wednesday in January
National Kazoo Day - Last Thursday of January

January 1st
Betsy Ross's birthday Born in 1752
Ellis Island Aniversary opened on this day in 1892
New Year's Day
Paul Revere's birthday Born in 1735

January 2nd
Boo Boo Bear's birthday - Yogi the Bear's little buddy
Drinking Straw Patented On this day in 1888

January 3rd
Festival Of Sleep Day
J.R.R. Tolkien's birthday Born in 1892

January 4th
Isaac Newton's birthday
Jakob Grimm's birthday Born in 1785
Louis Braille's birthday Born in 1809
Trivia Day

January 5th
First Woman Governor Inaugurated 1925 inauguration of Nellie Ross as Wyoming's Governor
National Bird Day

January 6th
Bean Day
Dia de Reyes Celebrate in Mexico
Sherlock Holmes' birthday

January 7th
Old Rock Day

January 8th
Elvis Presley's birthday Born in 1935

January 9th
National Apricot Day
National Static Electricity Day

January 10th
First Meeting of United Nations In London in 1946

January 11th
Milk Day - Milk delivered in bottles for the first time in 1878
Secret Pal Day

January 12th
Work Harder Day

January 13th
Make Your Dreams Come True Day
Poetry Break Day
Rubber Duckie's birthday - Sesame Street Character

January 14th
National Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 15th
First Super Bowl Played in 1967. Green Bay (35) defeated Kansas City (10)

January 16th
National Nothing Day

January 17th
Benjamin Franklin's birthday Born in 1706
Shari Lewis' birthday Born in 1934

January 18th
Winnie the Pooh Day
A.A. Milne's birthday. Born in 1882

January 19th
Popcorn Day

January 20th
Cheese Day
Inauguration Day

January 21st
Granola Bar Day
National Hugging Day
Own Your Own Home Day
Playdate Day

Squirrel Appreciation Day

Sweatpants Day

January 22nd
National Blonde Brownie Day

January 23rd
Measure Your Feet Day
National Handwriting Day
National Pie Day

January 24th
Eskimo Pie Patented By Christian Nelson in 1922
Gold Discovered in California At Sutter's Mill in 1848
National Compliment Day

January 25th
Opposite Day

January 26th
Australia Day - The day Sydney Australia was settled in 1778

January 27th
Lewis Carroll's birthday Born in 1832

January 28th
Ernie's birthday - Sesame Street Character

January 29th
Chinese New Year
National Puzzle Day

January 30th
Franklin D. Roosevelt's birthday Born in 1882

January 31st
Backwards Day
Jackie Robinson's birthday Born in 1919



Month Long Observances
American Heart Month
American History Month
Black History Month
Children's Dental Health Month
International Friendship Month
National Cherry Month
National Embroidery Month
National Grapefruit Month
National Snack Food Month
National Wild Bird Feeding Month
Responsible Pet Owners' Month

Non-Specific Days
President's Day - Third Monday in February
Mardi Gras always 46 days before Easter; also known as Fat Tuesday

Clean Out Your Computer Day - Second Monday in February

February 1st
Langston Hughes' birthday Born in 1902
National Freedom Day
Royal Canadian Mounted Police officially came into existence In 1920

February 2nd
Bottle Cap Patented
Dia de la Candelaria Celebrated in Mexico
Groundhog Day

February 3rd
Elmo's birthday - Sesame Street Character

February 4th
Charles Lindbergh's birthday Born in 1902
Create a Vacuum Day
Rosa Park's birthday Born in 1913

February 5th
Disaster Day
Hank Aaron's birthday Born in 1934
National Weatherperson's Day
Super Bowl

February 6th
Babe Ruth's birthday Born in 1895
Monopoly Board Game Goes on Sale in Stores In 1935
Waitangi Day Celebrate in New Zealand

February 7th
Charles Dicken's birthday Born in 1812
Laura Ingalls Wilder's birthday Born in 1867

February 8th
Boy Scouts' Day Founded in 1910

February 9th
Hershey's Chocolate Founded In 1894
Toothache Day.

February 10th
Umbrella Day

February 11th
Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day
National Inventor's Day - In honor of Thomas Edison's birthday
White T-Shirt Day

February 12th
Abraham Lincoln's birthday Born in 1809
First Barbie Dolls for Sale

February 13th
Get a Different Name Day

February 14th
Ferris Wheel Day
Valentine's Day

February 15th
Presidents Day 2021
National Flag Day in Canada
National Gumdrop Day
Susan B. Anthony's birthday Born in 1820

February 16th
Nylon Patented By DuPont in 1937
February 17th
Random Acts of Kindness Day

February 18th
Pluto Discovered By Clyde Tombaugh in 1930

February 19th
Mr. Roger's Neighborhood Debuted In 1968

February 20th
Love your Pet Day

Hoodie-Hoo Day
John Glenn Orbits the Earth in 1962 in the Friendship 7 space capsule
Toothpick Patented In 1872

February 21st
Polaroid 'Land' Camera First Introduced By Edwin Land in 1947

February 22nd

Be Humble Day
George Washington's birthday Born in 1732
World Thinking Day

February 23rd
International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

February 24th
Gordon's birthday - Sesame Street Personality

February 25th
Purim begins at sundown. Purim takes place on the fourteenth and fifteenth days of Adar, the twelfth month of the Jewish calendar
First U.S. Electric Printing Press Patented By Thomas Davenport in 1837
Paper Currency Introduced in U.S. in 1862 by President Abraham Lincoln

February 26th
Levi Strauss' birthday Born in 1829

February 27th
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's birthday Born in 1807
Polar Bear Day

February 28th
Public Sleeping Day




Month Long Observances
American Red Cross Month
Music in our Schools Month
National Craft Month
National Frozen Food Month
National Noodle Month
National Nutrition Month
Woman's History Month
Youth Art Month

Week Long Observances
1st Week - Newspapers in Our School Week
2nd Week - Bubble Gum Week

Non-Specific Days

Daylight Savings Time Begins - Clocks move forward one hour at 2:00 am on the 2nd Sunday of March, and ends at 2:00 am on the first Sunday in November

Read Across America Day Celebrated on the - First Monday in March
Commonwealth Day - Second Monday in March
Easter - click here to calculate Easter Day
can occur as early as March 22nd or as late as April 25th

March 1st

National Pig Day
Peanut Butter Lover's Day
Saint David's Day Celebrated in Wales, UK
Share a Smile Day

March 2nd
Dr. Seuss's birthday Born in 1904
Ash Wednesday - Lent Begins

March 3rd
Doll Festival In Japan
National Anthem Day
The Star Spangled Banner was adopted by Congress as the national anthem in 1931

March 4th

National Poundcake Day

March 5th

Multiple Personalities Day
Parachute was invented By Da Vinci

March 6th
Dentist Day
Michelangelo Buonarroti's birthday Born on this day in 1475
Oreo Cookies for Sale for the first time in 1912

March 7th

Telephone Patent Granted In 1876 to Alexander Graham Bell

March 8th
Working Women's Day

March 9th
Barbie's birthday - Barbie Doll was introduced on this day in 1959
No Smoking Day
Panic Day

March 10th
First Paper Money Issued this day in 1862

March 11th

First Basketball Game was on March 11, 1892

Frankenstein book Published by 21-year-old Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, is frequently called the world's first science fiction novel - published in 1818

March 12th
Girl Scout Day founded in 1912

March 13th
Good Samaritan Day
Uranus Discovered By William Herschel in 1781

March 14th
Albert Einstein's birthday Born in 1879
Casey Jones' birthday Born John Luther Jones in 1864
Pi Day
Potato Chip Day

March 15th
Ides of March

March 16th
Everything You Do Is Right Day
Freedom of Information Day

March 17th
Rubber Band Invented In 1845
St. Patrick's Day
Submarine Day

March 18th

Birthday of Sparky the Fire Dog Official mascot of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
First Walk in Space In 1965
Johnny Appleseed Day - anniversary of the death of John Chapman a.k.a. Johnny Appleseed

March 19th
Swallow's Return Day - The traditional return of swallows to San Juan Capistrano

March 20th
Big Bird's birthday Sesame Street Character
Bill Martin Jr.'s birthday
First Day of Spring
National Quilting Day

March 21st
Children's Poetry Day
National Teen-Agers Day
Single Parents' Day

March 22nd
National Goof Off Day
National Sing-Out Day

March 23rd
Toast Day - Nellie Melba revealed her Melba Toast recipe

March 24th
Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
Harry Houdini's birthday Born in 1874

March 25th

Greek Independence Day
Pancakes First Made in New York City in 1882

March 26th
Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

March 27th
National "Joe" Day - Everyone who hates their name can be called Joe this day

March 28th
Something On a Stick Day

March 29th
Coca-Cola was Invented In 1886

March 30th
Alaska Purchased from Russia in 1867
Doctor's Day
Pencil with Eraser Patented in 1858

March 31st
Cesar Chavez Day
First Map of the US Published
Tater Day





Month Long Observances
Autism Awareness Month
International Guitar Month
Keep America Beautiful Month
National Child Abuse Prevention Month
National Frog Month
National Garden Month
National Humor Month
National Mathematics Education Month
National Poetry Month
Stress Awareness Month

Week Long Observances
1st Week - Week of the Young Child
Varies Annually - National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

Non-Specific Days
Easter - click here to calculate Easter Day
Easter can occur as early as March 22nd or as late as April 25th
Administrative Professional's Day - fourth Wednesday of April
Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day - fourth Thursday of April
Arbor Day usually the last Friday of April. Celebration dates may vary from state to state
National High Five Day - Third Thursday in April

April 1st
Holy Thursday 2021
April Fool's Day
One Cent Day

April 2nd
Hans Christian Anderson's birthday
International Children's Book Day

April 3rd
Find-A-Rainbow Day

April 4th
1st Home Phone Installed In 1877
NATO Established In 1949

April 5th
National Read a Road Map Day

April 6th

North Pole Discovered in 1898

April 7th
No Housework Day
World Health Day

April 8th
Ponce de Leon Day - Born in 1460. He discovered Florida and searched for the Fountain of Youth

April 9th
1st Public Library Opened In 1833, in Peterborough, NH

April 10th
Encourage a Young Writer Day
National Sibling Day

April 11th
Jackie Robinson Day - On this day in 1947, Jackie Robinson became the 1st african-american in modern major-league baseball
U.S. Navy Acquires its 1st Submarine In 1900. It was a 53-foot craft designed by Irish immigrant John P. Holland

April 12th
Space Shuttle Columbia First Launched crewed by John Young and Robert Crippen - 1981
Ramadan Begins Begins at sundown 2021

April 13th
Thomas Jefferson's birthday Born in 1743

April 14th

Titanic Struck The Iceberg shortly before midnight on April 14, the ship collided with an iceberg causing the ship to sink at 2:20 AM on April 15
Holy Saturday - the end of Lent

April 15th
First McDonalds Opens by Ray Kroc in Des Plaines, IL, 1955
Income Tax Day
Leonardo Da Vinci birthday born in 1452

Passover Begins at Sundown

April 16th
National Eggs Benedict Day
Slavery Abolished in D.C. By Lincoln in 1862

April 17th
Easter 2022
Daffy Duck's birthday - He debuted in a Warner Brothers cartoon in 1937
Sherlock Hemlock's birthday Sesame Street character

April 18th
First Laundromat Opens In Fort Worth Texas - 1934
Great San Francisco Earthquake in 1906
Paul Revere Day - Paul Revere rides to alert patriots that "The British are coming..." - in 1775
Pet Owner's Day

April 19th

Humorous Day

April 20th
Cuckoo Day
National Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day

April 21st
Kindergarten Day - The first kindergarten was founded by Friedrich Froebel in Germany in 1837

April 22nd
Earth Day
Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day

April 23rd
Home Run Day - Hank Aaron hits his first home run in 1954
International Sing Out Day
William Shakespeare's birthday born in 1564

April 24th
Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day

April 25th
Anzac Day, Australia, New Zealand
National Telephone Day

April 26th
Hug a Friend Day
National Pretzel Day

April 27th
Tell a Story Day
Walter Lantz's birthday the creator of Woody Woodpecker

April 28th
Poetry Reading Day

April 29th
Zipper Day invented by Gideon Sindback in 1917

April 30th
National Honesty Day
George Washington inaugurated as first US president in 1789



Month Long Observances
American Bike Month
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
Asparagus Month
Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month
Better Hearing and Speech Month
Flower Month
National Bar-B-Que Month
National Egg Month
National Duckling Month
National Hamburger Month
National Mental Health Month
National Salad Month
National Photo Month
National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
National Strawberry Month
Military Appreciation Month
Older Americans Month
Transportation Month

Week Long Observances
1st Week - National Postcard Week
2nd Week - National Pet Week
2nd Week - National Police Week celebrated in whichever week has May 15th
Last Week - National Backyard Games Week - last full week before Memorial Day

Non-Specific Days
Peace Day - Third Sunday in May
Space Day celebrated - first Thursday of May
Mother's Day - Second Sunday of May
Armed Forces Day - third Saturday of May
National Family Child Care Provider's Day - Friday before Mother's Day

National Teacher Day always - Tuesday of the first full week of May

May 1st
Hawaiian Lei Day
Mother Goose Day
May Day
Worthy Wage Day For child care providers

May 2nd
Dr. Benjamin Spock's birthday Born in 1903

May 3rd
Constitution Memorial Day In Japan

May 4th
National Weather Observers' Day
Susan's birthday from Sesame Street

May 5th
Children's Day In Japan
Cinco De Mayo
Holocaust Remembrance Day

May 6th
International No Diet Day

May 7th
1st Stamp Collection Started
Pulitzer Prize Established

May 8th
No Socks Day

May 9th
First Newspaper Cartoon in the USA in 1754

May 10th
National Golf Day
Clean Up Your Room Day

May 11th
Twilight Zone Day
Ramadan Ends at sundown 2021

May 12th
International Nurses Day
Kite Day
Limerick Day

May 13th
Tulip Day

May 14th
Beginning of Lewis and Clark Expedition In 1804
National Dance Like a Chicken Day

May 15th
Aoi Festival Celebrated in Japan.
L.F. Baum's birthday Author of The Wizard of Oz - born in 1856
National Chocolate Chip Day

May 16th
First US Nickel Minted In 1866, called the 'Shield Nickel'

May 17th
First Kentucky Derby In 1875

May 18th
International Museum Day
Mount St. Helens Erupted In 1980
Visit Your Relatives Day

May 19th
Circus Day - The Ringling Brother's Circus opened in 1884

May 20th
First Photo Sent From Space - In 1990 the Hubble space telescope sends 1st photograph's from space

May 21st
American Red Cross Founded by Clara Barton in 1881
Lindbergh Flight Day In 1927

May 22nd
Buy-A-Musical Instrument Day

May 23rd
Penny Day

May 24th
First Morse Code Message Sent from Washington DC to Baltimore in 1844

May 25th
National Missing Children's Day
National Tap Dance Day

May 26th
Blueberry Cheesecake Day

May 27th
Golden Gate Bridge Opens In 1937
Masking Tape Patented In 1930

May 28th
Jim Thorpe's birthday Born in 1888

May 29th
John F. Kennedy's birthday Born in 1917

May 30th
Ice Cream Freezer Patented In 1848 by William Young




Month Long Observances
Dairy Month
National Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month
National Drive Safe Month
National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month
National Iced Tea Month
National Rose Month
National Safety Month
National Tennis Month
Turkey Lovers Month
Zoo and Aquarium Month

Week Long Observances
1st Week - National Fishing Week
2nd Week - National Clay Week
4th Week - National Camping Week

Non-Specific Days

Donut Day - First Friday in June
Race Unity Day - Second Sunday in June
Father's Day - Third Sunday of June

June 1st
Oscar the Grouch's birthday Sesame Street Character
Stand For Children Day

June 2nd
Radio Was Patented In 1896

June 3rd
Egg Day
First U.S. Spacewalk By Ed White in 1965

June 4th
Aesop's birthday
Cheese Day
First Ford Made - Henry Ford made his first operational car in 1896

June 5th
First Hot Air Balloon Flight By the Montgolfier brothers in 1783
National Gingerbread Day
Richard Scarry's birthday Author of children's books, born in 1919
World Environment Day

June 6th
First Drive-in Movie Theater Opens In New Jersey in 1933
National Applesauce Cake Day

June 7th
The Amazing Mumford's birthday Sesame Street Character

June 8th
Frank Lloyd Wright's birthday In 1867

June 9th
Donald Duck's birthday In 1934

June 10th
National Yo-Yo Day

June 11th
E.T. Movie Premiered In 1982

June 12th
Anne Frank's birthday Born in 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
The Baseball was Invented In 1839
Magic Day

June 13th
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's birthday

June 14th
Caldecott Medal First Awarded In 1937
Flag Day
"Pop Goes the Weasel" Day
Sand Paper Invented by I. Fischer Jr. in 1834

June 15th
Fly A Kite Day - Ben Franklin's Kite Experiment in 1752
Power of a Smile Day

June 16th
National Fudge Day

June 18th
International Picnic Day

June 19th
Garfield's birthday Debuted in 1978
Tasmanian Devil's birthday Debuted in 1954

June 20th
Bald Eagle Day
Ice Cream Soda Day

June 21st
First Day of Summer

June 22nd
US Department of Justice Established

June 23rd
Typewriter Patented In 1868

June 24th
U.F.O. Day First documented UFO sighting on this day

June 25th
Eric Carle's birthday Author of several children's books

June 26th
Bicycle Patented In 1819
National Chocolate Pudding Day
Toothbrush Invented In 1498

June 27th
Captain Kangaroo's birthday Bob Keeshan
Helen Keller's birthday Born in 1880
Melody for Happy birthday Song Written in 1859

June 28th
Paul Bunyan Day

June 29th
Camera Day

June 30th
Meteor Day
Superman's birthday


Month Long Observances
Anti-Boredom Month
National Baked Bean Month
National Blueberry Month
National Hot Dog Month
National Ice Cream Month
National Picnic Month
National Recreation Month

Non-Specific Days
Barn Day - Second Sunday in July
Build a Scarecrow Day - First Saturday in July

July 1st
Canada Day
International Joke Day
National Postal Worker Day
Princess Diana's birthday

July 2nd
First Zeppelin Flew In 1900

July 3rd
Dog Days Begin

July 4th
American Independence Day
First Bus was Built
National Country Music Day

July 5th
Caribbean Day

July 6th
First Picture Postcard Made
National Fried Chicken Day

July 7th
Macaroni Day

July 8th
Liberty Bell Cracks In 1835, while being rung at the funeral of John Marshall

July 9th
National Sugar Cookie Day

July 10th
Teddy Bear's Picnic Day

July 11th
Cheer Up the Lonely Day

July 12th
Battle of the Boyne
Paper Bag Day
The paper bag manufacturing machine was patented
Cow Appreciation Day

July 13th
National French Fries Day

July 14th
Bastille Day

July 15th
First Boeing 707 Flew In 1954
Forgetful Jones' birthday Sesame Street Character

July 16th
Apollo 11 Lifts Off On it's voyage to the moon in 1969

July 17th
Disneyland Opens In 1955
Sewing Machine Patented In 1790

July 19th
Stick Your Tongue Out Day

July 20th
Chess Day
Moon Day
Armstrong and Aldrin land on moon in 1969

July 21st
National Junk Food Day

July 22nd
Pied Piper of Hamelin Day

July 23rd
Ice Cream Cone Introduced In 1904

July 24th
Amelia Earhart Day
Marvin the Martian's birthday First debuted in cartoons in 1948

July 25th
Threading the Needle Day

July 26th
Bert's birthday Sesame Street Character

July 27th
Bugs Bunny's birthday First debuted in cartoons in 1940

July 28th
Beatrix Potter's birthday Born in 1866
First Fingerprint Taken

July 29th
National Lasagna Day

July 30th
National Cheesecake Day

July 31st
First US Patent Issued to Samuel Hopkins in 1790


Month Long Observances
American Artist Appreciation Month
Foot Health Month
Home Business Month
National Catfish Month
National Golf Month
National Inventors Month
National Water Quality Month

Week Long Observances
1st Week - National Clown Week
2nd Week - Elvis Week
2nd Week - National Apple Week
2nd Week - National Smile Week
3rd Week - Air Conditioning Appreciation Week
3rd Week - American Dance Week

Non-Specific Days
National Mustard Day - First Saturday in August
American Family Day - First Sunday in August
Friendship Day - First Sunday in August

National Homeless Animals Day - Third Saturday of August
Picnic Day in Australia - first Monday of August

August 1st
Francis Scott Key's birthday Born in 1779
MTV Debuted In 1981
Respect for Parents' Day
Sport's Day
Switzerland Founded In 1291

August 2nd
First Income Tax Congress enacts first income tax in 1861
First Lincoln Penny Issued In 1909
National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

August 3rd
Columbus Set Sail on His 1st Voyage In 1492
National Watermelon Day

August 4th
Coast Guard Day Established on this day in 1790
National Chocolate Chip Day

August 5th
National Waffle Day
Neil Armstrong's birthday Born in Ohio in 1930

August 6th
Alfred Lord Tennyson's birthday Born in 1809
Odie's birthday Garfield the Cat's friend
Wiggle Your Toes Day

August 7th
Sea Serpent Day

August 8th
Senior Citizens Day
Dollar Day The US dollar was created

August 9th
Betty Boop's birthday Created in 1930
International Day of the World's Indigenous People
National Rice Pudding Day

August 10th
First Steam Locomotive
Herbert Hoover's birthday Born in 1874, in West Branch, Iowa
S'Mores Day

August 11th
Hulk Hogan's birthday Born in 1953 in Venice Beach, California
Play in the Sand Day

August 12th
IBM PC Announced In 1981
Middle Children's Day

August 13th
Annie Oakley's birthday Born in 1860
International Left-Handers Day
National Filet Mignon Day

August 14th
National Creamsicle Day

August 15th
Julia Child's birthday Born in Pasadena, California in 1912
National Relaxation Day

August 16th
Joke Day
Roller Coaster Day patented in 1898

August 17th
Archeology Day
Davy Crockett's birthday Born in Tennessee in 1786

August 18th
Bad Poetry Day
Wizard of Oz Premiered In 1939

August 19th
Bill Clinton's birthday Born in Hope, Arkansas in 1946
National Aviation Day
Orville Wright's birthday Born in 1871
Potato Day
Snuffleupagus's birthday Sesame Street Character

August 20th
National Radio Day
Mosquito Day

August 21st
Wilt Chamberlain's birthday Born in 1936 in Philadelphia, PA

August 22nd
Be An Angel Day

Tooth Fairy Day

August 23rd
First Photograph of Earth From the Moon Taken by Lunar Orbiter in 1966
National Sponge Cake Day

August 24th
National Peach Pie Day
Strange Music Day
Waffle Iron Patented In 1869, invented by Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York

August 25th
Kiss and Make Up Day
National Banana Split Day

August 26th
Women's Equality Day - The anniversary of women getting the right to vote

August 27th
Mother Teresa's birthday Born in 1910

Just Because Day

August 28th
Dream Day
Martin Luther King jr. gave the "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963
National Cherry Turnover Day

August 29th
First Scout Camp Opened In 1934
Speedy Gonzales' birthday Debuted in 1953

August 30th
Herry Monster's birthday Sesame Street Character
National Toasted Marshmallow Day

August 31st
Alan Jay Lerner's birthday Born in 1918, New York
National Trail Mix Day



Month Long Observances
Baby Safety Month
Better Breakfast Month
Cable TV Month
Children's Eye Health and Safety Month
Classical Music Month
Library Card Sign-Up Month
National Chicken Month
National Courtesy Month
National Honey Month
National Pediculosis Prevention Month
National Piano Month
National Rice Month
National School Success Month
National Sewing Month
Read-A-New-Book Month
Women of Achievement Month

Week Long Observances
1st Week - Child Injury Prevention Week
Every September 1st - 7th.
2nd Week - International Housekeepers Week
3rd Week - National Child Care Week
3rd Week - National Farm Animals Awareness Week
3rd Week - National Flower Week
4th Week - Equal Parents' Week Celebrated from September 25 - October 1
4th Week - National Dog Week
4th Week - National Roller Skating Week

Non-Specific Days
Father's Day in Australia Celebrated - first Sunday in September.
Labor Day - First Monday in September.
National Grandparents Day - First Sunday after Labor Day in September.
Native American Day - Fourth Friday in September.
Good Neighbor Day - Fourth Sunday in September.

September 1st
Mary Had A Little Lamb Published Published in 1830

September 2nd
National Blueberry Popsicle Day

September 3rd
Barkley the Dog's birthday Sesame Street Character
Skyscraper Day
Uncle Sam's birthday - Uncle Sam's image was first used on this day in 1813

September 4th
Newspaper Carrier Day

September 5th
National Cheese Pizza Day

September 6th
Read a Book Day

September 7th
Neither Rain Nor Snow Day

September 8th
International Literacy Day

September 9th
Teddy Bear Day

September 10th
Swap Ideas Day
T.V. Dinner Day - On this day, in 1953, Swanson sells it's first T.V. Dinner

September 11th
Make Your Bed Day
Patriot Day - in honor of the Hero's & those killed on September 11, 2001

World Trade Center Remembrance Day

September 12th
National Chocolate Milk Shake Day
Video Games Day

September 13th
National Peanut Day
Positive Thinking Day
Scooby Doo's birthday
First cartoon debuted

September 14th
Clayton Moore's birthday Born in Chicago in 1914
First Department Store Opens

September 15th
Make A Hat Day
National Hispanic Heritage Month Begins September 15 and ends October 15
Yom Kippur Begins at sundown

September 16th
Collect Rocks Day
Mayflower Day
El Grito de Independencia - Mexican Independence Day
National Working Parents Day
Stepfamily Day
Yom Kippur Ends at sundown

September 17th
Citizenship Day Also known as Constitution Day
National Apple Dumpling Day

September 18th
National Play-Doh Day

September 19th
Slimey the Worm's birthday Sesame Street Character

September 20th
First Railroad Station Opened

September 21st
International Day of Peace
Miniature Golf Day
World Gratitude Day

September 22nd
Band-Aid Invented In 1920
Dear Diary Day
Elephant Appreciation Day
First Day of Autumn
Ice Cream Cone Invented In 1903
U.S. Post Office Opened In 1789

September 23rd
Great American Pot Pie Day Sponsored by Marie Callender

September 24th
First Toy Store Opened
National Bluebird of Happiness Day

September 25th
Barbara Walters' birthday Born in Boston in 1931
Christopher Reeve's birthday Born in 1952
Mary Poppins Debuted In 1964
Rosh Hashanah Begins at Sundown

September 26th
Johnny Appleseed's birthday - John Chapman born in 1774

September 27th
Crush A Can Day
Rosh Hashanah Ends at Sundown

September 28th
First Airport Opened
Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Also called the Moon Festival

September 29th
Scotland Yard Formed In London in 1829
Telly Monster's birthday Sesame Street Character

September 30th
Safety Pin Invented



Month Long Observances
National Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month
Computer Learning Month
Family History Month
National Apple Month
National Clock Month
National Dessert Month
National Pizza Month
National Popcorn Popping Month
National Roller Skating Month
Polish American History Month
National Stamp Collecting Month

Week Long Observances
1st Week - Fire Prevention Week
2nd Week - Teen Read Week

Non-Specific Days
Child Health Day - First Monday in October
Columbus Day - Second Monday in October
Indigenous People’s Day - Second Monday in October
Thanksgiving Day in Canada - Second Monday in October
Mother-in-Law's Day - Third Sunday in October
Sweetest Day - Third Saturday in October
Daylight Savings Time Ends Last Sunday in October

October 1st
Homemade Cookies Day
World Vegetarian Day

October 2nd
Name Your Car Day
Peanuts Comic Strip First Published In 1950

October 3rd
Captain Kangaroo Day - The show first aired on this day in 1955
SOS Established Designated as international distress code in 1906

October 4th
National Golf Lover's Day
Sputnik I Launched The first space vehicle - launched in 1957

October 5th
International Teacher's Day. Also known as World Teacher Day
Ray Kroc's birthday Founder of McDonalds. Born in 1902

October 6th
Thomas Edison Shows 1st Motion Picture In 1889

October 7th
American Bandstand Premiered In 1957

October 8th
J. Frank Duryea's birthday Born in 1869. His brother, Charles, and him built and oprated the first automobile in the US. He also won America's first automobile race

October 9th
First Two-Way Telephone Conversation In 1876
Leif Ericson Day
Moldy Cheese Day
The Count's birthday Sesame Street Character

October 10th
Henry Cavendish's birthday Born in England in 1731

October 11th
Eleanor Roosevelt's birthday Born in born 1884
First Steam-Powered Ferryboat Begins Operation Name the "Juliana", began operation in 1811

October 12th
Día de la Raza Celebrate in Mexico.
Farmer's Day

October 13th
First Aerial Photo in US Taken from a balloon in Boston in 1860
Margaret Thatcher's birthday Born in 1925

October 14th
Grover's birthday Sesame Street Character

October 15th
National Grouch Day
National Poetry Day

October 16th
Boss's Day
Dictionary Day
World Food Day

October 17th
Black Poetry Day Honoring the birthday of Jupiter Hammon. He was the first American black to publish his poetry

October 18th
Alaska Day The anniversary of the transfer of the territory and the raising of the US. flag at Sitka on this day in 1867
Little Orphan Annie's birthday Comic strip character, in 1922
Puerto Rico Became U.S. Colony In 1898

October 19th
Star Spangled Banner First Sung In 1814
Thomas Edison Demonstrated Electric Light Successfully in 1879

October 20th
Mickey Mantle's birthday Born on this day in 1931 in Spavinaw, Oklahoma
Monster Mash Day - On this day in 1962 the Monster mash, by Bobby “Boris” Picket and the Crypt Kickers, reached number 1 in the music charts and stayed there for 2 weeks!

October 21st
Guggenheim Museum Opens - The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of modern and contemporary art opened in New York City on October 21, 1959

October 22nd
National Nut Day

October 23rd
Edison Pele's birthday Brazilian soccer player, born in 1940

October 24th
Betty Lou's birthday Sesame Street Character
National Bologna Day
United Nations Day

October 25th
National Denim Day
Pablo Picasso's birthday Born in Spain in 1881

October 26th
Hilary Rodham Clinton's birthday Born in 1947
International Red Cross Organized In Geneva, Switzerland in 1863

October 27th
Theodore Roosevelt's birthday Born in 1858

October 28th
Plush Animal Lover's Day
Statue of Liberty's birthday

October 29th
National Organization of Women Founded In 1966

October 30th
John Adams' birthday In 1735

October 31st
Juliette Gordon Low's birthday - Born in 1860, she was the woman who the started Girl Scouting in the United States in 1912


Month Long Observances
Aviation Month
Child Safety and Protection Month
Good Nutrition Month
International Drum Month
Latin American Month
National Adoption Month
National Epilepsy Month
National Model Railroad Month
Peanut Butter Lover's Month

Week Long Observances
2nd Week - National Children's Book Week
3rd Week - American Education Week

Non-Specific Days
U.S.A. Election Day - first Tuesday after the first Monday
Thanksgiving Day Celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November

November 1st
All Saint's Day
Electric Light Bulb Patented By Thomas Edison in 1879
National Author's Day
National Family Literacy Day

November 2nd
Cookie Monster's birthday Sesame Street Character
Daniel Boone's birthday Born in 1734 in Pennsylvania
National Deviled Egg Day

November 3rd
Sandwich Day - birthday of John Montague, the creator of the sandwich

November 4th
First Wagon Train Reached California
National Candy Day

November 5th
Guy Fawkes Day Also called Bonfire Night

November 6th
Basketball Day

November 7th
Hug-a-Bear Day
Magazine Day

November 8th
X-Ray Day - X-ray was discovered in 1895

November 9th
Parade Day

November 10th
Sesame Street Debuted In 1969
U.S. Marine Corps Established Established by Congress in 1775

November 11th
Remembrance Day In Canada
Veteran's Day

November 12th
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Day
First Balloon Crosses the Pacific In 1981, Ron Clark, Rocky Aoki, and Larry Newman ballooned from Nagashima, Japan to Covelo, California in the Double Eagle V

November 13th
Fantasia Released By Walt Disney in 1940
Mom's and Dad's Day

November 14th
National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
Prince Charles' birthday Born in 1948

November 15th
America Recycles Day
Pack Your Mom Lunch Day

November 16th
Button Day

November 17th
Homemade Bread Day
National Young Reader's Day
Take A Hike Day

November 18th
Mickey Mouse's birthday Created in 1928
William Tell Day - shoots an apple off his son's head in 1315

November 19th
Gettysburg Address Delivered Made in 1863 by President Lincoln

November 20th
Mexican Revolution Day

November 21st
World Hello Day

November 22nd
Stop the Violence Day
Thanksgiving Day 2018

November 23rd
National Cashew Day

November 24th
Zachary Taylor's birthday The 12th President of the U.S.A. Born in 1784

November 25th
John F. Kennedy Jr.'s birthday Born in 1960
Woody Woodpecker's birthday - Walter Lantz cartoon character debuted in 1940

November 26th
Charles Schulz's birthday Born in 1922
National Cake Day

November 27th
Pins and Needles Day

November 28th
Mark Twain's birthday Born in 1835 - his real name is Samuel Clemmens

November 29th
King Tut's Tomb Opened In 1922

November 30th
Stay At Home Because You're Well Day


Month Long Observances
Hi Neighbor Month
National Stress Free Family Holiday Month
Read A New Book Month
Safe Toy and Gift Month
Universal Human Rights Month
Write to a Friend Month

December 1st
Eat A Red Apple Day
National Pie Day
Rosa Park's Day - refused to give up her seat on the bus in 1955
World AIDS Day

December 2nd
National Fritters Day
Play Basketball Day

December 3rd
International Day of the Disabled Person
National Roof-Over-Your-Head Day

December 4th
National Cookie Day
Wear Brown Shoes Day

December 5th
Walter Elias (Walt) Disney's birthday Born in Chicago in 1901

December 6th
Ira Gershwin's birthday - Famous Composer born in 1896
Mitten Tree Day
St. Nicholas Day

December 7th
National Cotton Candy Day
Pearl Harbor Day - Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941

December 8th
National Brownie Day

December 9th
Ball-Bearing Roller Skates Patented In 1884
First Christmas Seals Issued In 1907

December 10th
Emily Dickinson's birthday Born in 1830
Human Rights Day - United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights in 1948
Nobel Peace Prize Awarded

December 11th
National Noodle Ring Day
UNICEF Anniversary Established in 1946

December 12th
First Crossword Puzzle in a Newspaper
Golf Tee Patented
Hovercraft Patented In 1955 by Sir Christopher Cockerill
Poinsettia Day

December 13th
National Cocoa Day

December 14th
First Miniature Golf Course Opened In 1929
South Pole Discovered In 1911

December 15th
Phonograph Patented By Thomas Edison in 1877

December 16th
Boston Tea Party Anniversary In 1773
Las Posadas
Ludwig Von Beethoven's birthday - Famous Composer born in 1770
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

December 17th
National Maple Syrup Day
Underdog Day
Wright Brother's Day - First flight at Kitty Hawk in 1903

December 18th

Hanukkah Begins at Sunset
Wear a Plunger On Your Head Day

December 19th
Oatmeal Muffin Day

December 20th
Games Day

December 21st
First Day of Winter
Humbug Day
Look at the Bright Side Day
National Flashlight Day

December 22nd
First Christmas Lights for Sale In 1882
Thermometer Was Invented

December 23rd
Roots Day

December 24th
National Egg Nog Day

December 25th
National Pumpkin Pie Day

December 26th
Boxing Day
Hanukkah Ends at Sunset
National Whiners Day

December 27th
Visit the Zoo Day

December 28th
Card Playing Day
Chewing Gum Patented In 1869
National Chocolate Day

December 29th
Bowling Ball Invented In 1862

December 30th
Tiger Woods' birthday Born in 1975

December 31st
New Year's Eve